How long do your sessions go for?

I have family photoshoot packages available between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. This is so we don't put pressure on any family member to have to perform for too long, we get the shots as quickly as we can and keep it as fun, simple and straightforward as we can. If you have an extended family shoot in mind or would prefer a longer session, that is absolutely possible. Contact me and we can chat!

What times do you book?

My preference is earlier morning or later afternoon, i.e pre 8am, but we can do later if necessary, before 9am. And in the winter months between 2:30-4:30 is great or summer months 4:30-7pm. BUT if you can't work it during these times we can definitely do another time to suit you and your family, the light may not be perfect, but we'll choose a location that will work best in the light of the time.

During the week, post daycare and school works great between 4-6:30pm. Bring dinner and have a picnic at the park or beach beforehand so the kids are fed and happy -it's ideal!

I'm worried about my kids not behaving/performing/smiling?

Don't worry about this! I'm a mum to little ones, an aunty to two more and god mother to a few others from 6 under. I know how hard it is, and I come prepared, toys, distractions, games we play - we'll get through it together! I definitely don't want you to stress, just leave it to me to direct and we will make it work!

What if the weather is bad?

I'll keep an eye on the weather until the last possible moment - we will keep in touch and if it looks terrible an hour or two out we will cancel and reschedule.

What are the hidden costs?

I don't have hidden costs! All pricing information can be seen here. My family photoshoot packages start from $270 with a number of images, and they all include an affordable option to upgrade and purchase the full gallery.

What are you package pricing options?

All this information and more is available on my pricing information page.

Can I book online?

You certainly can! Click here to go to my booking site. The calendar is updated with my availability, you can then book a time directly and I will confirm it via email shortly after. It's great to include as much info as possible about what type of shoot you are after and any location preferences.

For any other questions, please head to the contact page or email me at hi@kathatfield.com